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Invoice Policy

Invoice Policy

一、 发票开具 Issue Invoice


All merchandise invoices are issued by the sellers and it should be valid and legal.


 In the process of settlement, customers can choose whether they need invoice or not. Seller should issue invoice according to customers' choice.


All products should be invoiced same as the final customer paid, excluding the vouchers, discount, rebates, gift cards, etc.

二、普通发票 Normally Invoice

1.发票抬头:Invoice Title

1)发票抬头不能为空;Invoice title cannot be empty.

2)您可填写:"个人"、您的姓名、或您的单位名称 You can write down: "Personal", "Your name" or "the name of your company".


Due to the limitation of the numbers in the tax software. Please do not write down the name more than 40 words.

2.发票内容:Invoice Contents:

1)发票内容将开具您所订商品的明细。Invoice contents was the details of what you ordered.

3. 如果您在收到货物时请检查发票,并在送货签收单上签字,一旦签字即代表您已收到发票,并且发票无误。对于顾客人为因素引起的发票遗失,我们无法为您补开发票。When you received the products and invoice, please check the information. Once signed, it means that you have received the invoice and the it is correct. And if you lost it, we could not issue invoice again.

三、增值税专用发票资质信息:VAT qualification:

1.开票单位名称—必须是您企业营业执照的全称Name of invoicing unit - must be the same as full name of your business license

2.纳税人识别号—必须是您企业《税务登记证》的编号,一般为15Taxpayer ID number - must be the same as a number of your enterprise's Tax Registration Certificate. Generally 15 digits.

3.注册地址—必须是您企业营业执照上的注册地址Registration Address - Must be the same as registration address on your business license

4.电话—应该是与您企业保持联系的有效电话Telephone - Should be a valid phone to keep in touch with you.

5.开户银行—必须是您企业银行开户许可证上的开户银行Account Opening Bank - Must be the same as the bank on your Enterprise Bank's Account Opening License

6.银行账号—必须是您企业开户许可证上的银行账号Bank Account - Must be the same as bank account on your Enterprise Bank's Account Opening License.

注:如上述资质信息和资质文件不一致,请提供加盖您企业公章的发票信息,包括开票单位名称,纳税人识别号,地址、开户行及账号。Note: If the above information and documents are inconsistent, please provide the invoice information stamped with your business seal, including the name of the invoicing unit, taxpayer identification number, address, opening bank and account number.

7.增值税发票只面向企业用户,个人用户不支持开具增值税发票。Value-added tax invoices are only for enterprise users. Individual users do not support.


In principle, a Zhongbaoping account can only be related to one qualification of VAT invoice. The title of VAT can only be the name of the company, and the content can only choose the detailed commodities.

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