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Zhongbaoping Platform Deposit Management

一、  保证金的定义Definition of Deposit


"Deposit" refers to the deposit paid by the seller when he applies to open a shop on Zhongbaoping Platform. In the process of guaranteed transaction, when the seller fails to deliver after received payment or the products delivered are not conform to the contract. As a result, the buyer loses money, sellers fails to respond promptly and reasonably to the buyer's remedies and claims for compensation. Zhongbaoping Platform can use the seller's deposit to compensate the buyer according to its unilateral judgment, so as to minimize the reasonable loss of the buyer.

二、 保证金的额度 Amount of Deposit


At present, the Deposit amount is RMB 20,000 for domestic sellers and US 5000 for overseas sellers.

三、 缴纳保证金 Pay the deposit


When seller apply for opening shop, must pay the deposit at first.

四、保证金的退回 Return of deposit

1.保证金退回原则:Principle of Deposit Return

在卖家没有未完成交易或者交易纠纷的前提下:On the premise that the seller has not completed the transaction or the transaction dispute:


If the sellers decide to close the shop on Marlboro Platform, they can apply for a deposit refund after the platform has passed the audit.

2.保证金如何退回:How to return


After the seller has completed the procedure of closing the shop, he can apply for a deposit refund from the platform. The deposit is returned by default to the account registered by the merchant at the time of registration, and a written application is required for any change. After receiving the application, the platform will return the deposit within 3 working days.

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