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58 x 18 x 18mm | 49.3 carats | Lovely piece of Amber. Heated for clarity. Ancient tree resin solidified over millennia. Fun item. ?????? PLEASE MAKE PAYMENT WITHIN THREE DAYS OF PURCHASE UNLESS PAYMENT ARRANGEMENTS ARE MADE WITH EVERLASTING. THANK YOU FOR YOUR BUSINESS. EVERLASTING GEMS (E.G.) QUALITY CONTROL We take great care to inspect accurately represent all stones placed for sale. E.G. uses the following to insure the accuracy of our offerings: Polariscope, Refractometer, Chelsea Filter 10 To 60 Power Gemscope, Digital Calipers, High Megapixel Digital Photography, Assorted additional equipment. All E.G. items are guaranteed. TREATMENTS On a very, very infrequent basis, stones of many species are treated. All stones are examined under 30 power magnification for any trace of these treatments. Stones that show treatment are clearly stated. Stones of many types can be laboratory created. Our equipment is designed to help to detect these. E.G. never sells laboratory imitation stones, only natural stones that have beauty and are suitable for elegant jewelry applications where the fabricator wants genuine valuable, natural materials that compliment their hard work and effort. DISCLOSURES Nothing is more disappointing than to get something that is not accurately represented. All photos are of the actual stones and are never computer enhanced. Any details that we become aware of that effect the quality, durability or value of the Stones are clearly stated. SHIPPING Shipping is free for all items, any exceptions are clearly indicated. Everlasting Gems reserves the right to combine purchases into one assignment for convenience and simplicity. All shipments include descriptive information. USA shipments generally take one week to arrive. International shipments generally take ten days to six weeks to arrive. GUARANTEES AND RETURNS Should you ever be dissappointed with an item purchased from Everlasting Gems, you have a 1 day period to provide notification. Should you elect to submit stone for Independent Certification this period can be extended for an additional 45 days provided that you notify us of intent to Certify within the initial 10 day period. All items have an unconditional money back guarantee subject only to the terms above. FEEDBACK We love positive Feedback and will make every effort to insure that you are pleased with your purchase. If you like the service, and the materials you recieve, please tell everyone. If you have concerns please notify us and allow us to make you a happy client.
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